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I feel I was ripped off- Fiverr Select vs Fiverr Business



I recently discovered there was the option for free Fiverr Select.  The option came up on the app, but then it said, you cannot be a Select member if you have Fiverr Business.
The only reason I set up Fiverr Business is because I was under the impression that it just made you look more professional.  I had no clue it would eventually prevent me from getting Fiverr Select (the free invite).

To be honest, Fiverr Business has actually done nothing to help me grow.
I feel as though my business has come to a halt.  I also would say that I have done relatively well, and would actually be an asset to anyone who became my coach.

Is there any way to correct this...other than 'joining with a subscription'?

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Fiverr Select is for buyers. Buyers can also sign up to have a Fiverr Business profile.

Sellers can choose to be listed in the catalog for Fiverr Business (which only buyers who signed up for a Fiverr Business profile can access).

Your gigs by default will be shown in the normal Fiverr and the Fiverr Business catalog, you can also choose to only show up in the Fiverr Business catalog.

I think it is a win-win, because you aren't paying to be listed in Fiverr Business. I'm not sure what subscription you're referring to but if you're a seller on Fiverr Business, there is no payment.. Perhaps Seller Plus (?) because that's a subscription for sellers


Fiverr Select, formerly known as the Very Important Doer (V.I.D) program, is an exclusive program that’s open to loyal Fiverr buyers—and it’s free!


Fiverr Select benefits

Fiverr Select buyers receive exclusive benefits and expert guidance to help grow their businesses. 

A seller can recognize a Fiverr Select buyer by the crown badge on a buyer’s Profile. The badge will appear on Fiverr Select buyers’ Profile pictures throughout Fiverr, too.
This badge lets sellers know that they'll be working with a focused, committed, and experienced buyer. 

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