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Day 1 with No Orders ✍️


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41 minutes ago, eliteclubhq said:

hard working before the smart work

Yep you can work very hard by walking day and nights around the windmill and carry on you a bag of wheat hoping that the flour will appear on its own. But it wouldn’t. 
Or you can work smart and put that bag of wheat in the windmill and get flour as a result 

so what is better: working hard or working smart? 

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Freelancing is a game of numbers, at least in my experience. I trained as a theatre actor in London, I'm carving out a career as a voiceover actor and I've been writing screenplays and scripts for maybe five years - badly. Now I've improved enough that I'm sending my writing work out, guess what - nothing, zilch, maybe an actual rejection notice if I'm lucky! Unanswered voiceover auditions piling up. But the yes's come too, the jobs come, the right people come. If I contact 50 production companies and only one gets back to me, that one is a win and forget the 49 "losses". If the creative freelancer life is what you want, you have to ride out some shi**y periods and accept that most of us do not hit the ground running. So indulge in a good sulk for a day, maybe two, but then get back at it. If you can't do that you'll suffer as a freelancer. 

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1 hour ago, eliteclubhq said:

you spent hours and days creating the perfect possible gigs and show everybody your talent

Your graphic design gig thumbnails are cut off so that they're only partly showing, and that makes your gigs look very far from perfect.

Your translation gig has a typo in the title. In your gig description, sometimes it's "I", and sometimes "we". You promise unlimited revisions, but none of your packages offer it. Again, very far from perfect. It looks more like you just copied and pasted short parts from other people's gig descriptions and like you couldn't be bothered to spend more than a few minutes on creating that gig.

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In your translation gig description, this is what it says (I copy/pasted it directly BTW) :

English to Italian and Italian to English!.


.....and it says you offer proofreading too.
Notice anything? It seems like you've failed to proofread your own description. 

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On 4/14/2023 at 2:04 PM, eliteclubhq said:

I believe in discipline, hard working before the smart work, but in some point it's sad how you spent hours and days creating the perfect possible gigs and show everybody your talent and got NOTHING IN RETURN

We are all far away from perfect, even pro sellers. Stop thinking that you have perfect gigs. Focus on learning how to make nice, attractive gigs, keywords, description, affordable prices, correct spelling in gig description, there is so much to work on. All you need is to learn from other people, promote your gigs on social media and dont forget, nothing is perfect.

I hope this helps, have a nice day 🙂

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