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Can you find mistakes in my gigs?




Can you find the mistakes that I made while creating gigs?

<iframe src="https://www.fiverr.com/gig_widgets?id=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&affiliate_id=686603&strip_google_tagmanager=true" loading="lazy" data-with-title="true" class="fiverr_nga_frame" frameborder="0" height="350" width="100%" referrerpolicy="no-referrer-when-downgrade" data-mode="specific_gig" onload=" var frame = this; var script = document.createElement('script'); script.addEventListener('load', function() { window.FW_SDK.register(frame); }); script.setAttribute('src', 'https://www.fiverr.com/gig_widgets/sdk'); document.body.appendChild(script); " ></iframe>

Here is the link 😀



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I recommend:

  • Adjusting your profile description
    • Unlike gig descriptions, profile bullet points aren't shown properly in profile descriptions. What people are really seeing is 1 big paragraph with a bunch of stars behind each sentence which can be confusing
    • Go to incognito mode on your browser and check your profile to see what I'm saying
  • Increasing your gig prices
    • The only gig with reviews is your "I will write research articles on finance, marketing, or business" gig and your prices start at $5 for a 500 word article, it's way too low
    • I understand that it's important to keep prices low to stay competitive but you may end up getting burned out for too little pay
    • In my experience, the worst clients are the ones that are cheap, they pay little and expect a lot
    • Again, this attracts the wrong kind of buyers who would take a lot of your time for very little pay
  • Add some prior works to your portfolio
    • This helps build confidence in buyers

On a positive note, I think you did a great job with all your gig pictures! Good luck!

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