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All Gigs not in search results, 1 impression per day. Please help


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Hi fiverr team, please assist me as fiverr is the only way I earn a living. I have been on fiverr since 2020, but I became serious ending last year, all my gigs are doing fine, and am receiving orders and giving buyers the best, no cancellation no bad reviews. 


Some weeks ago, I'm invited to promote my gigs, after I clicked in promotion gigs, all my gigs went to back page.



I'm sacred I have to turn it off, the second day, I couldn't find any of my gig in search results again. Now I couldn't activate promotd gigs again, says unqualified.


I'm ABt to hit lvl 2, only one of my gig was promoted, but all my gigs were down.

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I have the same issue, I have 100% feedback good ratings, but all my gigs cannot be searched for, went from good impressions to not even 5 a day, I have no idea what is going on, and fiver is not giving me any help. I have enjoyed working on fiver so far but this is torture no sales in weeks, I'm thinking about quitting 😢 

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45 minutes ago, niallherbert said:

3 months, last month was my best month and now I've been hit with this, gutted about it. I've been grinding for 3 months just to make a few 100$ axtra a month now I can't even make any money for what seems like no explanation 

Have u contacted support?

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