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Question about promoting gigs on social media!

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I see a lot of people here recommending to others asking "how to get orders" and " how to get clicks" to promote their gigs on social media, the problem is that it's not clear how one should go about doing this, is it spamming your gig link in Facebook groups? or going for Paid Ads? or what exactly? because I really want to get orders, if they aren't coming from Fiverr's search engine, then I need to drive traffic from elsewhere to my gig page to get orders.

Has anyone here experienced these things? how does this works?

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3 hours ago, aabishali803 said:

I am also searching the same thing 

I think we should go for paid ADS . If the the impressions or clicks go up Then Fiverr would definitely promote us As we would be getting Traffic out of fiverr


That's what I thought too, but going for paid Ads must be worst because you drive traffic to Fiverr's website and then maybe they can choose other gigs. 

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