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I would start off by reading through the threads here in the forum devoted to creating and optimizing gigs.

Secondly, remember - in the beginning, your gigs won’t market themselves. You have to be willing to spend just as much time on marketing and spreading the word about your business as you plan to spend later completing orders. Use the buyer’s request feature, do some market research (or hire a Fiverr gig to do it for you!) and make sure you are offering something that will sell. You also need to make sure you’re one of thousands offering the same thing - or if you are, try to be unique.

One good thing you might consider is having a business plan. It may seem silly for a gig economy platform like Fiverr, but I assure you, it can be helpful. If you’re interested, I’d be more than happy to create one for you - click my name to view my gig offering this service.

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