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I can't find my gigs in Search Result

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23 minutes ago, rohulaminpro said:

 From a few months, I didn't find my gig in the search result. I didn't get a new order. What can I do now?


13 minutes ago, anira_pro said:

Same problem I can't find my gigs in Fiverr search Result.

Fiverr may have removed your gigs from search results if they think your performance is not good.

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It's difficult to understand whether the gigs will come back or not as I am facing this disappearing since more than 3 months but expectations should be positive that gigs will come back, also if you are confident about your legit activities.

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3 hours ago, online24_703 said:

I managed to get very good profile ranking on Fiverr using some tips. I am sharing with you the ones I have used



  1. Fiverr title SEO optimize
  2. Fiverr description SEO optimize
  3. keyword best research 
  4. Fiverr FAQ must be used 
  5. Eyecatching banner image use 
  6. banner video use 
  7. include portfolio 
  8. Trying to satisfy the buyer through the  work
  9. Reply Fast Clients SMS

Thanks for sharing

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Hello there, as many other members have told you, you need to check on your gig SEO. Refine it and try to share it more to other platforms. If you have a personal website, you might also want to use the "Fiverr Everywhere" feature as it comes in handy. Fiverr's algorithm is totally independent in determining the ranking, so when they disappear, it means you need to refine them more. 

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