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How can get my first order?


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3 hours ago, antormajumder said:

Can anyone help me?

Here's the thing.  Your gigs state that you're a professional SEO expert, who has worked for a top digital marketing agency.

Yet. you've been on Fiverr for 7 months and still don't have an order?

This is why people are not buying from you!

If you can't grow your own business with the skills you claim to have, then why would you expect people to put their hard earned money into your services. 

Fiverr customers are savvy with their money.  They will put it into freelancers who can walk the walk! 

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17 minutes ago, antormajumder said:

what should I do?


As I have said above, if you were a digital marketer that had all of the required skills to grow a business for a customer, then you would have grown your own by now! 

Clearly you have a lot to learn about your trade, and whether your 'apparent' skills and experience are as good as you think they are. 

Personally.  I would forget about orders and revenue, and get your head into the books and web pages of seasoned digital marketers.  Learn from them and look to get official and legitimate qualifications. 

The litmus test of whether this learning is working will be your ability to apply this new knowledge to grow your own business. 

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