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The "Load more" button in the order pages

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Well, I assume that this button was placed here to make things more simple by simplifying the content of the order page, so that you see the latest message easily. And maybe it is targeted towards people with slower internet connection to load the page faster.

But In reality, today in 2023 I am pretty sure that 90% of people have a decent internet connection speed. You always have to click on it a few times so that the page finally shows the information which was sent by a buyer a few days ago.

People who have a lot of orders to deal with every day are doing this in every order, please see the video attached. I personally have to do this in every single order.

So instead of making things more simple, it makes things more complicated.

This button/feature really slows things down and it shouldn't be here. Please Fiverr, display all order content so that we can easily find what we are searching for while working. The good old CTRL+F shortcut never let us down, and before we are able to use it we must first locate the "Load more" button, click on it a few times and then proceed.


Thank you.


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