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impressions and clicks are down


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If you're getting clicks that means buyers are interested in your gig images but after clicking they might not be assured for some reason to move forward to order. 

The reason could be your description, prices, packages, etc.


Try changing those in a way that buyers will have confidence ordering your gig.

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@hosen_sabbir Do you know, I got my first order after 4 months. In the beginning, I deleted my first GIG because I didn't get any impression. However, I tried again with a new GIG. I learned this from Fiverr. If you are a new seller don't panic, stay online and be active. Open another tab in your browser and switch to buyer mode and browse for gigs. React to others' feedback. Do this as a habit. Do not give up bro. When you get ratings from your clients your gig will rank for a few weeks. The client's ratings are very important. These were my tricks on Fiverr. And also create a Pinterest account and share your work there. 

So, Others share your experience with us. 

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