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My fiverr gig got shut down after adding Counter Strike Global Offensive shortcut



Hey, I decided to add new game to my mapping offer which runs on the same engine as previous games I supported, as soon as I added the shortcut my fiverr gig was shut down and it said that it got removed because it's offering is prohibited by our Community Standards. I wanted to get the gig back with or without the shortcut as it was really nicely done.

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It seems it was in Graphics & Design->Game Art (if it's the "I will a level and map you desire in ... map ,unity,unreal" gig).

If you don't know exactly why it was removed/what rule it broke (and weren't told in any notification) then you could contact customer support at the help desk. If it's related to particular game then you could also check the terms of service of the game's website to see if there are any restrictions.

If you create the same gig again and Fiverr thinks it's also breaking the rules then you could get an account warning I think, so I wouldn't recreate it. Only create gigs you are sure are within the rules.

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