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8 Gigs - 0 Orders?


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It’s been almost 12 days since I joined fiverr.I have posted 8 gigs since and not even a single one of them has got an order.I spent a lot of time …so when am i supposed to get my first order?? Will i even get an order or have i just wasted my time…??

I need some advice here


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Hi and welcome.

Honestly, it can take weeks and even months to get going on Fiverr. Patience is the #1 rule. Do not rely on Fiverr alone for traffic and Buyers. You need to seek out Buyers on your own. Use the Forum Search Function and enter the following four phrases;

Seller Start Up Basics

Guide: How to Create and Promote your gigs

Three simple principles to become a great seller!

Good Communication is Key to Success

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