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are my gigs photos attractive?please answer i want some help


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Here's a few suggestions:

If you look on the profile you'll see quite a few of the gig video thumbnails have text that gets cut off (maybe partly due to the aspect ratio). So I'd change it so the text doesn't get cut off on the profile.

The "write SEO optimized content on internet  technology for you" gig says "Atractive content" in the video thumbnail. I'd change that.
Another gig has the same issue as above.

In "write a professional blog post for you" gig video thumbnail the black "POST" text is over the shadow of the pen image, so the text won't be seen as clearly as it could be.

In a couple of gigs a search tag says "proffesional". I'd change that.

Your "I will write shopify product descriptions that sell like hotcakes" gig video thumbnail says "NO GRAMATICAL ERORS" - I'd change that text.

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