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Can we please have groupchats?

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Hi everyone!

It would be really useful if we could add additional users to orders. What do you think?



- Train paid supervisors on orders to reduce pressure and workload away from the project manager (upwork does this). 

- Train other sellers to learn to produce the same work as you.

- Have multiple sellers be able to collaborate together on-platform and not need to forward their work to you individually.

- Multiple sellers can brainstorm an idea together in your presence.

- Ability to organise autonomous management structures that can get work done on their own, that you can oversee without needing to directly organise.

The current situation:

If you want to make a group project now, you have to:

- Give your account details to a third party so they can access the same chats as you.

- Tell the seller to communicate with a second account outside of the one they have an order with (looks sketchy to the seller). You can then moderate that account while giving access to the third party.

- Use another platform to organise the order (discord, trello, etc), meaning discussions take place off-platform (Fiverr support no longer able to oversee in case of dispute).

None of these options are particularly good for anyone. I like that Fiverr can see over our orders if we ask for help. It also feels nice to keep everything contained within the website for organisational purposes.

How would it work?

1. Create an order.

2. Press “invite user” button (available to all parties). 

3. It would send an invitation to the inbox of whoever you invited. Instead of it saying “accept offer” it would say “join offer”, and they’d be able to talk in the chat.

Added users would not have the ability to actually accept deliveries- only the buyer can do that. However, they would have the ability to request revisions. 

There’s been talk:

I’ve googled around and seen some discussion about this on Fiverr but no way to actually implement it.

This feature would save me so much time if I could pay other people to invigilate my orders.

What do you think? 

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