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What is the best way to do gig marketing?

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The best way to market your gig is to write some good quality content on Facebook groups, Instagram, blogs, etc, Help others and answer their questions in a genuine manner. and promote your gig there. Stay relevant in your niche as spamming/posting links without providing value will only hurt your profiles.

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Nowadays everybody is sharing their gigs on social media through normal posts or sharing the gig on groups so this will not go to help from my point of view. The best way is to find the people who need your service and reach them and try to convince them to take your service. Give them free service the first time so they can believe in you and your work quality. 

Note: Do not copy-paste the same thing with the gig URL to everyone if they report you. You will be suspended from social media and obviously, that's not gonna help you.

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