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Grammarly feature CSS is not optimized

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Hi, i don't know if this happen to all, and neither if this happened in mobile, but in desktop, is a bit annoying that the Grammarly function, although useful, does not stop obstructing the correct display of the text when trying to write something; here in example with different screen sizes, I think it could be improved just optimizing the css.


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Agree. I get a very annoying blue box around the input field which severely restricts my view in an already small input field. Also, it tends to hang for ages - even though I've disabled Grammarly - meaning I can't type anything.

Incidentally, Fiverr - could you PLEASE create an option to completely remove Grammarly from the messaging function? It may be useful for many but for those of us that can string an English sentence together it's just, frankly, a bloody nuisance that slows up my workflow and a serious PITA. Firing off a quick two line message can often take three times longer because of this facility - even when 'disabled'.



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