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Gigs not showing in search results this is 2nd time what i do?


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hi everyone,

I’m level two seller on fiverr.

2 days ago my all gigs are hide from fiverr catogary,search results and recomanded list.

I can’t understand what the reason. this is the 2nd time i got problem please anyone help me

My full income is fiverr. So now time i’m comming big trouble. i can’t understand this…!

Anybody can you help me to some…?

Please kindly read this problem…!

Thanks for your time…! -

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If you do a forum search of your “problem”, you’ll find that it’s just the way Fiverr works. Search results are not comprehensive which isn’t surprising with something like almost 10 million gigs. Sometimes your gigs will show up, sometimes they won’t. They’ll always be available on your profile page and depending on how many gigs you have, usually at least one will show up somewhere. Fiverr support has in he past told members that gigs are rotated in and out of the search results, so apparently this is the third time yours have been rotated out. If you file a report with CS, you’ll probably only get an autoresponse saying it’s not a problem.

The gigs will be back.

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