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How do I break the ground to get my first order


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Hi Guys,

I really need a master stroke to get my gig(s) noticed for me to make a sale. I have tried searching them myself on fiverr while logged out and to my surprise, none appears in the category searches (may be because they are new arrivals).

But I believe someone out there has got a story that can cure my situation.

Talk to me guys!!!

Sheriff’s Note: Moved to Fiverr FAQS.

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Personally, I don’t like the image for your “poster design” gig because I find images of women as sex objects to be offensive. So except perhaps for a brothel madam, I don’t think you’ll be selling that to anyone but men. But if you don’t mind cutting out 50% of your potential customers, that’s fine.

You can upload 3 images for each of your graphic arts gigs, but they have only one example each. Take advantage of those 4 empty spots to showcase your best work. You have lots of competition, so you need to attract buyers with outstanding work.

These are just my opinions, of course.

As suggested above, read the forums and use the forum search engine. There are

hundreds of posts written to help newcomers and people seeking tips and advice.

Good luck~

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