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18 minutes ago, maitasun said:


Though I think only one of them used ChatGPT and then gave it to the other person who then sent it to the court case and neither checked it.

Maybe they should have used better AIs that would give them the sources (and checked the sources and info given) and wouldn't make things up (if there are good ones like that. Perplexity.ai can give sources but there's probably better systems for lawyers - though they might not be as good at some things as the ChatGPT type.).

There's more on the case here: https://reason.com/volokh/2023/05/27/a-lawyers-filing-is-replete-with-citations-to-non-existent-cases-thanks-chatgpt/

The person in the law firm doing the research said to the court:


That your affiant has never utilized Chat GPT as a source for conducting legal research prior to this occurrence and therefore was unaware of the possibility that its content could be false

Though I haven't used chatgpt, I thought it said when you signed up/somewhere on that site that it could output false info so he should really have known.

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