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Fiverr system update and getting less impression and click

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There was no Fiverr update. Just maintenance. If you are talking about the Fiverr algorithm, it's constantly updated. That being said, the latest focus was on bringing more importance towards first time buyers. And since most of us have at least one or two bad buyers that purchase us for the first time, a lot of people are dealing with problems. But it's not only that, any issues can be related to bad private reviews, bad performance when compared to other sellers in your category, etc. 

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Not completely sure if it was a "system glitch" but yes my gig impressions and clicks are gone as well, it was high throughout march and I'm guessing it's the algorithm. As far as I know, Fiverr gig performances fluctuate every now and then

Hopefully, it will revert back to performing better soon.

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On 4/3/2023 at 9:19 PM, maryam_khan2000 said:

How many sellers gigs impressions and click decreasing after 26th march fiverr update. is it system glitch?

 I am disappointed about this my gig impressions and clicks have recently gone down very fast. anyone can suggest how to increase my gig impressions and click? was not any cancellations or negative feedback for 5 months.

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