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I am a new seller, can anyone give me some advice on how I can get the order.


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49 minutes ago, coders_kawsar said:


If someone creates a Fiverr gig, but the gig is not active and is not showing up in search results. So what should he do?

Without creating a gig, how can it be appeared on search results 🙄 Without gigs, how will buyers avail your services? It does not makes sense to me!

Create gigs so that it can be appeared on search results and you can get orders! 🤦‍♀️

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Hey, I just checked your profile and have to say that it looks pretty good and professional! There are a lot of people here in the forum asking for help who didn't even put effort into their profiles but I can see that you actually did, so I think it's not about how your profile "looks" like. You definitely made sure to give a trustworthy impression.

Did you try to research keywords for your gig and also used them in your title and in your gig description? I think it might have to do with SEO and ranking of your gig. Maybe try to check other sellers in your field and see what they offer, maybe also read reviews and find out what the buyers highlighted (so that yoouu can make sure to do that as well whenever you have your first order).

In the beginning it's a bit harder to get orders when you don't have any review yet, in my experience it gets way easier as soon as you have 1-2 reviews.

When you say you're a new seller... what time span are we talking about? 

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