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Insider Tips: Most Wanted Monograms ㉿ ⍺ ☡ ℹ︎

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Today we’re shining the spotlight on monograms, the logotype that relies most heavily on the buyer's business name. 

Monograms are an effective, simple way to establish brand recognition and loyalty. They are timeless, easy to recognize and easy to remember. Think of monograms as the little black dress of logo design; elegant, uncomplicated and always in style. 

Not only are monograms easy to design, they’re incredibly versatile! Every letter of the alphabet can be tailored to fit different industries. Once the business name has been inserted by our buyers, the design is distinct and one of a kind.

The question is – which letters are most commonly searched for and used by business buyers? 

Take a look at our ranking below, beginning with the top 10 most searched logos and creative examples from our supply.

  1. S Designed by Asafdantes, maryambaig711 Amitmaman, alonda, amitmaman


  1. A Designed by odystedesign, dibujantis, Jeupereira, pixalogo, rag_design


  2. M - Designed by creativeman_af, , asafdantes, rag_desig


  3. T Designed by alonda, xushxush, yehorkolchyba


  1. C Designed by Gilidavid, alonda, jeupereira


  1. B - Designed by jeupereira, cherylgig, alonda, amitmaman


  1. DDesigned by amitmaman, asafdantes, amitmaman


  1. P Designed by melanie1999, tal_ni, alonda


  2. L Designed by asafdantes, rag_design, Mat_iny, zakdesignz


  3. Designed by zakdesignz, kriszta_szegedi, Amitmaman, mat_iny


Now that you’ve learned the top 10 initials for monograms, take a look at how the remaining letters ranked:

  1. G

  2. F

  3. E

  4. H

  5. K

  6. N

  7. I

  8. J

  9. V

  10. W

  11. O

  12. U

  13. Y

  14. Z

  15. Q

  16. X


And there you have it! Delivering sought-after logos is easy as A-B-C

Ready to start designing monograms?

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