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What are the ways of getting more orders?


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Well as a digital marketing expert you may want to use those skills and promote yourself. When people see you rank high and you're successful, they will trust you and thus order from you. But if you are an expert in marketing and can't rank your own stuff.. people will find that sketchy. Wishing you all the best. Good luck.

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I think instead of searching and adapting to a certain skill for it's popularity, I would suggest to move forward with something you love doing because popularity of skills fluctuates from time to time and there is no constant skill that is and will be in high demands at all times. 


Polish your gigs, Use the best images and the right keyword, tags. Hopefully you will get orders soon.

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Your performance is low (6 reviews in 10 months). Fiverr puts sellers with good sales and good performance in the search results. You are disappearing in the search results due to your weak performance.

Improve your sales and performance and you will get visibility in the search results. 

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