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Couple of my gigs get lots of clicks and views, but no orders?


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I’m at level 1 and the two click popular gigs are Photo retouching and Photo Personalization with fancy text.

I have a few returning clients and they flood my gig with great reviews.

And the stats say I get 32 click impressions and 59 pageviews. But only 1 client?

Would someone check these out to see what I can reword so I get more clients please?



Thank you!


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Your gigs look fine. I think the problem may be that PS work is a fairly crowded category with loads of talented people.

If you haven’t already done so, I suggest reading in the forums (you can use the search engine in the upper right corner) on ways to optimize and promote your gigs. If you don’t have a social media presence, you should. I created a Facebook page to showcase my work, and I also post photos I’ve received back from my buyers with their purchases or the pets the items were based on. I also send out Tweets and Instagrams of my work along with links to my Fiverr page.

A photography blog with links to your gigs may help. Or participate in groups and message boards and be sure to put a link to your Fiverr profile as the signature when you post comments. Another suggestion would be to create unusual or unique twists to your gigs. For example, a “turn your photo into a 70’s style psychedelic image” or “put your image into a barrel going over Niagara Falls”, “place your photo on a Wanted poster”. How about creating specialty photo images? In memorium photos, photo collage of your child’s first years. Things like that. These things may not be greatly different from some of your gigs, but it creates more avenues back to your profile.

Good luck~

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