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Advice on which gig category to market as (usage of AI in workflow)



Quite new to Fiverr so still finding my way around the market, but I was wondering which would be the best category to list a gig as, so seeking advice on the matter or tips on how to approach this.

The gig in question would be character design specifically for game concept/load screen/avatar art but created using a mix of my own 3D models (created using Zbrush and Daz3D) and royalty-free reference images as raw input with additional prompts in AI for finer tweaking of concepts which help to push the work into a more realistic aesthetic.

I ask which would be best because AI would be used in the workflow to create them, however the initial (importing my own images and renders) and final stages (post-production and refinement) are done by hand and AI only contributes to roughly 10-15% of the entire process. Due to its' inclusion and taboo surrounding AI art the automatic suggestion would be to categorise it in 'AI Artists', and I understand why, but I know it'd get a lot more exposure in the 'Game Design' category as that is its' target clientele. Effectively I don't want to mis-market or undersell the service.

Mention of AI would be clearly stated in the title and description (eg. "I will use AI to create realistic character concepts for your game"). As there is a limit to images I can include in my gig I don't want to waste it showing raw input images such as models etc (as the client rarely cares about this), I'd rather use those limited images to exhibit final work - but I'd like to hear your thoughts rather than wrongly advertise or do anything detrimental to my other traditional/non-AI gigs or get banned etc..

Is it ok to post AI-aided art in other categories if they're more appropriate to the topic as long as they're clearly defined as such, or would the gig get removed..? Sites like Behance have been extremely understanding and give a lot more consideration, but as I'm quite new to Fiverr I'm not 100% with the 'etiquette' of such a tricky matter.

Thanks for reading.

PS I've included some sample images from past resolved work of this nature.

Female lead.png

Male lead.png




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If I understood correctly, you prepare game assets for buyers ?

and it uses 10-15% AI, right ? and rest per your own modification ? or some royalty free media ?


There's specific sub category named "Game Art" under "Graphic Design"



As AI contribution is very less to your work, so no need to use AI category

also no need to tell in title that you use AI. Just list in description, that you may use AI little bit when needed


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  • The work isn't strictly created as game assets (more general concept art with no specific target) but I do feel it could be marketed as such, as there is a desire for realistic concept art renders in the game asset community and I'd like to take advantage of that.

    Most of the manual work is done creating the subject and fine-tuning in post-production, and the AI element in my workflow is very little - acting as no more than a filter to make CGI assets look more realistic (my prompts are strictly aesthetic based - adding lighting, tone etc.) or blend elements together more convincingly, and at most providing quick variations to the original images, yes.

I appreciate your feedback on the matter, especially with confirming that it would be ok to list as Game Art, and that there's no need to include AI in the title. I'd browsed the gigs to see if anyone else had listed as similar to check for competition and I didn't see anyone mention AI art so naturally I was a little hesitant.

Thanks again!

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