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Can someone help in getting first order on Fiverr?


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I saw your gig. You did a very small work and didn't able to impress FIverr.  Also you don't know about Fiverr rules. That's the 2 reason. What I'm suggest to you that separate your profile picture and gig image. I mean change the profile picture. Don't add gig image in the profile picture. THEN add 2 more informative and beautiful photo in the gig. Do some research about gig photo. Try to rewrite your description and make it clear what your offering. I also saw your 2nd GIG. you made that gig like you don't know anything about Fiverr. Also you added your num: to in the gig photo which is not allowed I believe. YOU MUST HAVE TO IMPROVE YOURSELF TO GET IMPRESSIONS AND CLICKS. Hope you understand. 

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