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Can't reply to seller


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This site is driving me nuts. I’m a buyer trying to communicate with a seller and everytime I go to the discussion page between us, there is no way for me to post a reply. We are trying to communicate over an order and the seller is being really helpful but I was previously being taken to a page where I could reply. But the last 3 messages from him I’ve been taken to a page where I can’t reply. I’ve gone out of the discussion window to try to create a new message to him and am taken back to the page where I can’t reply! Argh.

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That’s very strange. Do you have an active order, or are you just having a discussion but haven’t placed the order yet? And are you seeing any sort of security message (usually says something like, for security reasons you can’t communicate with this person…).

If you see the message, it means that Fiverr has suspended the person’s ability to message either temporarily or permanently for having broken a rule. You won’t be able to contact him until he’s reactivated, which can take a month or more.

If you have an active, open order, there really is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to post messages any time on the order page. But possibly there is a glitch of some sort, so you can either file a report with customer support (<-that’s a link to the page, then click ‘file a report’ in upper right corner) or cancel the order and maybe start over again. You can cancel by clicking the words ‘resolution center’ next to the tab at the top of the order page. If you both cancel, it won’t negatively effect the seller’s rating.

If you’re just in the discussion phase, have you tried going to the gig page and clicking on the ‘contact’ link or on the seller’s nickname itself to see if you can message him that way?

Another thing to try is clearing your browsing history cache and computer cookies and log into the site again, to see if that changes anything.

Good luck~

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