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Which is better, many narrow gigs or one broad gig?


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I currently offer 1 business-related gig - “I will answer absolutely any business question you have”.


As you can see from the description, I can answer general strategy advice, SEO questions, and more. I now hae 28 sales and I am a level 1 seller with 100% positive feedback. I have considered breaking this down into 10 specific gigs, as well as this general one. Gigs like “Get SEO help”, “Review business plans”, etc. However, since all of these gigs would be starting from scratch, they would all have to be $5. Some of these things I cannot/would not do for $5. So am I better off sticking with the single broad business gig, or splitting off into 10 more specific gigs, even though I would be starting over?


Fiverr: Graphics, marketing, fun, and more online services for $5


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