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Are you unsure about whether your gig will sell? Here's some tips!


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I was a Fiverr customer for two years…but I decided to try and become a Fiverr seller a few weeks ago…

I’m a Level 2 seller already!!

Thank you to everyone who has left kind words about my British voiceover gigs, I’m truly humbled, and loving Fiverr life!!!

If anyone is unsure about whether to start selling (like I was) my advice…GO FOR IT!!!

My advice is to answer customers promptly, communicate clearly with them, and overdeliver on what you promised.

Be professional, make sure what you offer is a great gig, quality always shouts loudest.

I love the variety of work that Fiverr customers give me, it keeps my days interesting and fun!

Good luck with your gigs!


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Sometimes it just takes patience, but posting in places like this, the forums, is really beneficial. Don’t spam but feel free to mention gigs that you do offer. Your username is a link in itself to your profile so no need to post links. But also consider posting comments on blogs that relate to your gigs or creating a Facebook page. While you wait for your first order make an attempt to spice up your gig description or mess with your tags.

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