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Why my gig is not rank? Where is the problem?


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Since we don't know exactly what algorithms etc. Fiverr use to rank we can't give exactly what the issues are.

But you could make sure your gig is the best it can be, and check it uses the keywords you think are best.

Here's a few suggestions for the gig/profile:

In your FAQ you "guarantee 100% accurate" work but your main gig image and your gig thumbnail says "VARIFIED" and "GARANTEE" - I'd change those.
For the linked in lead generation - I'd check the Linked-in terms of use/service page about that to check there's no issue with doing that.

In your profile description the first sentence has the word "A" with a capital letter even though it's part-way through the sentence. It might be worth changing that sentence a bit. On your profile you mention ranking websites on the 1st page of google. It might be best to word it in a way where you let them know that you aren't guaranteeing that you'll rank them on the first page (since you might not have full control over that).

Also in your profile you say "Fell Free to Contact Me" - I'd change that.

In your video thumbnail it might be worth using a little less text/making it bit bigger so it's easily readable in search results.

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