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One of my main gig is down for about 2 months


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Hello Fiverr community!

I am a Level Two seller and I have been working as a full-time freelancer on the Fiverr platform. Unfortunately, my main gig has not been visible on the search results for several months now. I have contacted customer support over ten times, and each time they have told me that my gig is active and searchable. 

To give you a clear understanding of the situation, I used to be on the first page of search results since I was first seller with all five-star ratings, except for two four-star ratings. Since my gig has been down, I have updated everything over twenty times and even hired someone to recreate my gig image. Despite everything being in perfect condition, and the gig having a promotional option which is already in process, I have not received any orders in a long time. I only receive one or two orders from repeat customers. It's sad to see my gig's performance worsen to this extent. Prior to promoting my gig, it used to receive over 350 clicks per week, but now even with a promoted gig, I only get seven clicks per week.

Sometimes you might think that my performance is poor, but please take a look at my metrics: my response rate is 100%, order completion rate is 100%, on-time delivery rate is 100%, and I have a positive rating of 100%. Additionally, my response time is only one hour, and I have also earned the "Highly responsive" badge.

Please help me out ! Thanks a lot in advance! 


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No need to worry guys, sometimes it happends. because fiverr algorithm always control all sellers and buyers. If Nowadays going something bad but upcoming days will be good for you just keep confidence like me. and you shuld aloways try to give best service. Thank you

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