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gigs are ranked but not getting messages. Also dropped the prices. No progress


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Hi Usman, 

One thing to remember is that although your gig is ranked and showing up in search results, clients may still not be attracted to it for various reasons. The way I recommend troubleshooting this is by looking at the valuable data Fiverr gives you.

If you find that you're getting a lot of impressions, but not a lot of clicks, then the issue may likely be your gig title or image. For example, it looks like you only have one active gig at the moment and the title reads, "I will building..." Please note that this is not grammatically correct and should read "I will build." If you don't demonstrate to the buyer that you're reliable enough even to get your own gig title right, then they may not trust you with their project. The buyer also sees the gig image at this point, but it may not be appealing enough for them to click on; there are additional grammatical errors on that image as well that you can correct whilst making it more enticing. 

If you're finding that you're getting a lot of click throughs but not a lot of orders, the issue is likely your gig description not doing a great job in fully explaining your services or the value you bring to a client's project. 

When asking for assistance though, please make sure you're providing accurate information. You note that your "gigs" are ranking here, but you only have one gig open. You also say you're not getting messages, but you currently have 2 orders in your queue, so you do have clients and are making the progress you say you're not making in this post title. 

Just my two cents! 

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