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Booking on a wrong Gig, what shall I do?


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Hi there, I have a question:

Someone booked my Gig: " I record a kids song for you in different voices" and I said in my Gig, "please contact me, before you book my Gig!"

I have another Gig with an offer to write a song - starting with 95$.

Now someone booked my first gig for 20$ but wants to have a new song from me. When I cancel it, my statistic is bad. 

What shall I do?

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16 minutes ago, harriet1s said:

What shall I do?

Oh my, that's rough! I will say I did take a look at your gig, and I can kind of see why your clients could think that they ordered the right thing - I think your second package says, 'I will record a singer-songwriter song for you'. WHILE I think I understand what you mean by that (not original writing), I can see how it could be misunderstood. 

That being said, you did say 'please contact me' before, so all misunderstandings SHOULD be easily avoided, but some people won't read that far. 

Now as to what to do, I would likely start with editing your gig a bit to make sure others won't misunderstand (I had to add a clause to my FAQ about NOT being an artist and still get asked if I do art....  so absolutely not placing the blame on you, it's just how it is.) and then try to contact the customer about a possible middle-ground. If they are being nasty (or if it's obvious that they ordered this way to save money and knew what they were doing), I'd cancel through support. Officially, I don't think that affects us, but you never know...

Maybe you can diversify what you offer even more if you're struggling to get orders.  This is unrelated to your post; I'm just adding it because I think there's a ton that you could do! This year seems to have had a rocky start for many people, but it's worth a try?

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