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Coolness - I achieved my First Level and Near to Level 2

Guest karistinadavid

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Guest karistinadavid


I achieved my LEVEL 1 on Fiverr and just a slightly away from reaching LEVEL 2

I made 46 sales in 29 days with 100% rating but was away from LEVEL 1 Badge because another condition for reaching LEVEL 1 is that you must be 30 Days active.

So finally I reached my 30th Day on Fiverr and got LEVEL 1.

This is amazing, believe me.

What makes me more excited is that I’m just a few steps away from LEVEL 2.I need only 3-4 more orders and I’ll cross 50 sales 🙂

Your Cutomer Support is very bad Fiverr but yet I love you.

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