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Can you delete previous work from gig gallery?




I have a good two years on Fiverr doing illustration,

By now my style has evolved quite a bit and I wouldn't want old deliveries to show in my gig galleries anymore, is there a way to delete those or should I just delete the whole gig and start another? Although that would also delete a history of many sells on some gigs.

Thank you!

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There's no way for the seller to delete them. If a buyer doesn't want their content shown there and it is shown there then CS can be contacted to remove it though.

But in the live profile it only stores a certain number of deliveries so when that limit is reached, new ones will get added and the oldest one will get deleted.

The only option the seller has there really is to turn off the live gallery. Any buyers who view your live gallery will see the most recently added gallery samples there first though, so they'll see your most recent style and only see the older style if they keep clicking to view the older gallery images.

You could create a new gig/gigs for different styles though.

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