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Got banned instantly, no idea why


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Hi guys. Wanted to start on fivver, but got instantly banned at the creation of the first GIG.

Actually never got banned so quickly in my life.

The following gig - a short video of my very few cleanup works, and 2 screenshots of them (attached).

Description was simple:


Welcome traveller.

Here you can improve your shot by removing track markers, logo, wires etc.

I can give you estimated time and price after receiving a footage, so feel free to contact.

Thank you


What to do next? What was my mistake?

I cannot create new gigs.

It was like 15 seconds before "place a gig" and "your seller was not approved", maybe they check gigs with bots or something....

Many thanks for any advice.



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1 hour ago, motionsam said:

What to do next? What was my mistake?

You could contact customer support at the help desk if you haven't been given the reason and you could ask them. So I'd contact support get any reason and try to get them to restore your account (eg. show you've not broken any rules and that you own the rights to everything you used).

If you used gig images in your gig that their system might have automatically found online then that could be a reason (I doubt it checks videos though as it would probably have to check every frame). Maybe if you copied text that might happen but I'm not sure if they check that.

Their gig image guideline is here in case it was anything to do with gig images: https://www.fiverr.com/support/articles/4410883326481-Gig-image-guidelines-Making-the-most-of-your-Gig-image?segment=seller

Their gig policy is here in case it was anything to do with what's on there:


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Thank you for the feedback!

I read the gig policy and guideline carefully.

Got an empty robotic answer from a support:


Hi there,
Thank you for reaching out to us about this issue. We understand you tried to open a Seller profile on Fiverr, and received our response explaining your request wasn't approved
Unfortunately, this decision can’t be changed.
Your seller profile wasn’t approved, but you are welcome to continue using Fiverr as a buyer.
If there is anything else we can help you with, please let us know.
All the best,

Fiverr Support Team


Before - I found that gig was declined:


as the service you are offering is prohibited by our Community Standards

Again, zero explanation. You can find hundreds of similiar gigs "cleanup video" offering quite same.

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You could reply to the support ticket explaining about that message you received (that says the service is prohibited) and you could let them know that it's not prohibited and that Fiverr have created a specific category and service type for it - ie. for cleanups (https://www.fiverr.com/categories/video-animation/visual-effects/cleanups?source=category_filters)

So it can't be prohibited if they've created that category and service type for it (and there's 6 Pro gigs in that service type).

Maybe @video_at_fvrr who manages the video category could help with this and maybe help explain to CS staff that cleanups is a valid service on Fiverr.

edit: I wonder if the bot/CS read the line about "Here you can improve your shot by removing track markers, logo," and thought you might be offering to remove watermarks (which wouldn't be allowed) because you said "removing...logo". You could explain to CS that you wouldn't be removing any watermarks. I think removing logos from an object should be okay (to make it look like a generic object as you generally need the permission of the logo owner to have it shown in a video). They might have thought you were offering remove them from a video (watermark) and that the rights to the video wouldn't be owned by the buyer/you. You could explain everything to CS to show you weren't violating any rules.

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Hooray, got unlocked!



Thank you for your patience while the request has been reviewed.
It appears that your Gig was caught by our system and wasn't approved automatically.
No worries! Our designated team reviewed your Gig and the account and I can confirm that it is now approved and active on Fiverr. 
Your account is also approved for selling


Infinite thanks @uk1000, without your help I would die.

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