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Order Compilate and sad Story.


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Alhamdulillah, I completed a job yesterday,

I was very broken, one month ago a client from India gave me a job, the job was to design only three pages of his website, he gave me 30 dollars in return, the time was 3 days, I completed the job in three days. So, whenever I go to submit the work, the client doesn't tell me, I have to design more new pages, how do I design the solution 18pages  to work, adding 50 products, the time taken at one time is about 7 days, I worked for ten days in total and I designed about 18 pages and added 50 products, but the client was not happy with that, he had to add 100 more products, I was a bit hesitant, finally the client sent the order cancel request, I was very hurt, I wanted Not to cancel the order, because it will be a bad thing on my fiverr account.

I talk to the fiverr support team with all proofs, I wanted to cancel my order through the fiverr team. So that there is no problem with my account. But it didn't work. Finally had to cancel my order. Immediately my gig went and disappeared from the first page. I was very hurt and very broken. Because despite having skills, I can't do any work anymore.

Finally got an order. The job is completed and the order is submitted and the client gives a good review. Thanks to Fiverr team, my gig instantly moved to page number 2.

As the saying goes, "Unless you're close to a person, you can't understand what a person is like." You can't understand my skills by looking at the reviews. At present my condition is getting very bad, I need money to eat and survive and if anyone can help me with work then I will be grateful for the rest of my life. Hope you can keep your respect.

Please Hire me:https://www.fiverr.com/share/ZWV2Am


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Most likely a private review that made your Buyer Satisfaction Score go down. Maybe even from a new buyer. This is (as I understand it) the most critical situation, that can de-rank your gigs quite heavily. This is of course just a guess and could be other things as well. 

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22 hours ago, mazaharul89 said:

Yes. Same day ago I have received 4.7 review but other gig

I can also see that you just have 5 reviews. On a new profile, if you get a negative review, it will impact overall badly. 

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Guest aj_designstudio

গিগ পেইজের স্ক্রিণশট দেন স্যার

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