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Every one see my gigs and give me feedback


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First, it may be helpful to ask others nicely for assistance and feedback with your gigs, rather than just demand it. Others are certainly willing to help, but asking nicely and being professional is important. 

I would suggest first having a look at your gig titles. There are many gigs out there that say "I will do...", but this phrasing is not really grammatically correct. Your gig titles that say "I will create..." etc. are much stronger, so consider using more specific verbs there to better clarify what you will "do".

Also, I suggest being honest with your body of work. For example, in your Squarespace gig (https://www.fiverr.com/towshifislam/do-squarespace-website-design-and-squarespace-redesign-and-seo), one of your gig images includes a screenshot of Matt D'Avella's website. I encourage you not to include images like this unless you were the one who designed that specific website. To take credit for someone else's work is dishonest, and buyers will pick up on that. 

Hope this helps!

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