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Need to hire for micro-controller programming, where do I go?


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I'm designing a display piece that needs to be lit with what I'm imagining to be a small cluster of LED lights, maybe something similar to a puck light, but I need to custom program the light sequence.  I've recently seen a video on how you can use an arduino to run custom LED light programs, but I have no such programming knowledge and I'm not sure using an arduino, necessarily, is the only way to get this done.  I need to contract someone to write an arduino program to run LED lights and teach me how to put together such a light system, as well as flash the program to new processors.

Where should I go here on Fiverr or elsewhere on the web to request this kind of job?


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You can probably find the services you need here. It may take more that one seller.

The Arduino Coding portion is readily available with more than a thousand sellers claiming they can do Arduino work. The "Teach To Assemble/Flash" portion may be more rare. I'm not sure which keywords to search to find them. Some of the coders are also in Engineering and may be capable of providing consultation or documentation. I tried a quick search myself to see what kind of results I could get and found this seller who passes my vibe check.

If doing your own searches for sellers, and you find you're getting a lot of results. I recommend narrowing it down by opening the Seller Details, scrolling down to the Seller Lives In section, and checking a few mid-size regions but not the largest few. Basically exclude those largest few regions. It will give you some good diversity  of options without being flooded by repetitively similar options.

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