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Yes it might happen if you open Fiverr pages too quickly after each other (maybe it could happen if you had a lot of Fiverr tabs open when you closed your browser and then if you re-start the browser it might open a lot of Fiverr tabs very quickly when it restores the tabs).

It might also happen if you have an auto-refresher that's loading pages too frequently (it's best not to use an auto-refresher with Fiverr).

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21 minutes ago, ashiq_2023 said:






you two are giving the wrong information to the authors. I requested to you two, check the post i linked above...


at first, @uk1000, all of us make mistakes, you too, so, for the first time am setting you free, keep in mind that never tell anything you don't know about. May check this post also, it will be good for you



then you, @venonusa, it's your turn


it seems to me that you are a senior user of fiverr forum but am felling very sad to say that you're in a wrong track. I got a lot of report against you from a lot of senior and expert forum member. By enquiering on these report, i found prove that the files against you are absolutely correct. You are spreading wrong, irrelevant information to the questioners. Hmm sometimes you provide good solution but an irony of fate that the number of these activity is only less than 1%!!!! So am warning you not to again do this.Recently A lot of experts tried to make you understand that you're doing wrong but you don't listen to them, quarreled with them and try to prove that you are the best. I respect your point of view but of course you have to admit your fault, otherwise it will suffer you as well as the questioner who will follow your instructions....



Your guilty are proved, there's nothing to do or discussing further about this. YOU MUST'VE TO ADMIT YOUR FAULT AND HAVE TO ENSURE THAT NEVER EVER YOU'RE GONNA DO THIS AGAIN.


am giving you 24hours. If you don't listen to my request, am gonna arrest you under the act "SPREADING NONSENSE EVERYWHERE"

thanks for your co-operation, have a good day!!!!!


Muhammad Ashiqur Rahman

Private Detective🤠

I always tell my experience. Regarding this post, that screen appeared to me when I opened multiple Fiverr pages within a few seconds of each other. 

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9 minutes ago, ashiq_2023 said:

hmm, then maybe am wrong but i've confusion that what you are telling is not correct..... there's no need to break my confusion,,,,of course i don't know everything.

the main point is, what i told above, the decision is final, there's no way to discuss again these.

you've got 24hours, now the decision is yours......

good luck.....😊

Your message seems very strange to me... since no moderator has ever contacted me regarding my answers I give in the forum, are you a moderator?

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