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Check this list of errors on my account and tell me what you think!



Let me start by saying that all the issues below happen from time to time. When the account is working normally - almost daily i get loads of messages and a good amount of orders.

This is what happens when the plug is pulled off:

- Recently am unable to view list of cancelled orders, when i click it from phone app i get "Earnings page"

- Before the above happens, i had some orders that are labeled "complete" also showing as cancelled orders, with counter of cancelled showing ZERO

- App shows more cancelled orders than when viewed on desktop, lists dont match up!

- 2 Cancelled orders kept showing for over 3-4 months ( example 2 orders cancelled on December 2022 kept showing until last week or so, thats way over 60 days!

- Repeated buyers counter takes a nose dive with all related data once i pass 95%, later same day i find it showing 91% with same number of buyers, same earnings and sometimes less!

- Promoted gigs working for a couple of weeks, then disabled for being (unqualified) then back on again!

- Payouts have to wait 14 days without option of quick payout even though orders have 5 star ratings and from repeated buyers

- I passed all top rated seller requirments a year ago and am ok with being skipped over each month!

- A level 2 seller and dont have a single working perk or any benefit of being 100% on time with 5 star ratings and all..

(each point is backed by a screenshot)

I am not ok with having completed orders showing as cancelled, all perks not available like waiting 14 days for a payout and the fact that for the past 2 weeks only 2 clicks on my profile!

Not ok with no access to my cancelled orders from app

All this while delivering orders with 5 star ratings and mostly repeated buyers! No private feedback can do all this!!!

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Website has several bugs, some are new, some old were patched. Not big issue for me

But 14 days payout is really frustrating. I agree should be 7 or lower, specially when buyer completes it and reviews as 5/5

Anyway, have patience, when reached top rated seller, pending clearance would become 7 days.

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