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Removed Gig & Account Warning - Seeking Guidance


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Hello Fiverr Community,

I'm reaching out for advice after one of my established gigs with 50+ 5-star reviews was removed for violating community standards, resulting in a warning on my account. I'm shocked and confused, as I've always strived to follow Fiverr's guidelines. The gig offered press release writing and distribution services, delivering press releases to 400 websites. I have never violated any guidelines, and all my buyers have been more than satisfied with the service provided. I'm shocked and confused, as I've always strived to follow Fiverr's guidelines.

What's puzzling is that numerous sellers offer similar gigs with thousands of positive reviews, using similar descriptions and brand names. Despite contacting Fiverr support, I haven't received a clear explanation for the specific violation, leaving me frustrated.

As a dedicated professional who has invested in growing my business, I currently employ two team members and have registered my company in the USA. I have also invested tens of thousands of dollars in a news website focused on promoting services exclusively on Fiverr. I believe professionals like myself deserve a chance to edit their gigs and understand the reasons behind any actions taken. I wholeheartedly believe that paying a 20% cut to Fiverr is more than fair, as it helps me grow my account, attract more customers, manage my orders efficiently, and introduce new gigs and services.

I'm not on Fiverr for fun or to play around; I'm genuinely committed to maintaining a professional account on the platform. I've even directed original customers to purchase services through Fiverr to show my dedication to the platform.

I'd appreciate any guidance on addressing this issue, understanding the reason behind the removal and warning, and ensuring compliance with Fiverr's standards. This recent experience has left me uncertain about my account's future, and I'm eager to resolve this matter professionally.

I kindly ask for your help and advice on navigating this situation and preventing further violations. Thank you for your time and support.

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