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I have 18 clicks and over 800 impression on my promoted gig but I donot find any orders from the promotion.


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If you get a lot of impressions and few clicks, that can mean that your gig isn't well optimized, i.e. you haven't made a gig that's relevant and attractive enough, and buyers aren't clicking your gig because the other gigs showing up are a) more relevant or b) looks better. 

If you get a lot of clicks but no orders, same problem, this time with your gig page/thumbnail, video, offer, etc. 

Making a great first impression is crucial. You can't just publish a gig, promoted it and expect people to come running. You have to make your gig attractive and relevant for the buyers you want to attract. 

Perhaps your gig isn't specific enough, meaning it shows up for the wrong buyers, or isn't optimized so the algorithm knows what it's about. 

With all that said, I have gigs who get a thousand impressions and just 2-3 clicks, mostly because Fiverr isn't very good with languages and shows my gig to buyers who aren't looking for the language groups I offer etc. This is just an example, but it shows you that being relevant is key when promoting gigs, which is why I only promoted the gigs that are often searched for by using relevant keywords etc. to avoid spending on buyers that aren't looking for what I have to offer in the first place. 

When it comes to promotions, only you can decide if it's worth it or not for you. Promoting your gigs can be great, but it can also end up costing you a lot. Try to set your daily spend limits to avoid surprising costs, only promote your most relevant gigs (i.e. specific services that people are searching for). Try to avoid promoting "catch all" gigs that might pop up for buyers who aren't interested in your gig, as that only limits your chances of getting impressions that converts into clicks. 

I wouldn't panic over getting 18 clicks but no orders. I prefer to have data over time, and run experiments like this for a month or longer, before I decide if something is working or not. 

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hi  1800impressions means ur gig description match the algorithm so well(what u serve for are they want) .😄

let's do a count, every 40 clicked in as they saw,  there must be problems by photos:  They don't show your service exactly.(maybe photos told people other things?), or the quality of the photos can not convince your potential customers.

All Above are my advices.

I'm vera, a pet portrait illustrator. Happy to share as new coming here hope it helps!

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