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When a Vendor cancels an order I think an explanation is called for


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Recently ordered a basic gig from "top rated seller’ fragglesrock.Sheriff’s note: No 'calling out on the forum, please Vendor cancelled order unilaterally 48 hours later with -0- explanation. I would expect a “top rated seller” to offer some reason.

Maybe my expectations of normal business practices are just outdated.

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Guest laughingcrow

First off, it’s not allowed to call out users on the forum - we can only see one side of the story so it’s a bit like spreading rumors.

Second, was a mutual cancellation requested? Because I don’t think a seller can force a cancellation except through customer support. If so, was there really no mention as to why in the windows with the reason?

While there are a lot of factors to consider (which we don’t know yet) the cancellation request that comes from a seller includes the reason why, and usually after communicating with the buyer. Reasons could include being swamped with work, or not being able to fulfill the specific buyer’s request.

Did you communicate with the seller beforehand? And did you put the required info into the order when it was requested?

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