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My account has been disable



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27 minutes ago, junaidkhan336 said:

Hello! I just received an email from Fiverr, saying your account has been disabled. I don't know why? can anyone guide me? i am attaching the email screenshot.

Thank you.

account deactivation email.png

seems you broke Fiverr TOS, what you did it ? what you are selling in Fiverr?

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5 minutes ago, raotouseefahmad said:

Don't be stressed and try again 

Try again? This person's account has been canceled and you say try again? Try again what? If they create another account they are banned. They can't try anything, other than wait for Fiverr to say if this is their final decision. So there's nothing to try.. This seems it's posting for the sake of it, without helping anyone... 

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