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How to get my first order?


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It's hard. Research the forum, particularly the tips for sellers category.

I think your main problem is that you are in a very saturated niche. If I search for a logo designer there are 200,000+ gigs as an option.

Also you're also offering a canva design, which is a widely available, free to use software.

You need to ask the question... why does a buyer need / want you over another seller?

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2 hours ago, sadiarounakjaha said:

I am new ar Fiverr. Although my gigs get impression every now and then, I don’t get any orders. I’m unable to find out what’s wrong! Can anyone help me to get through it? What should I improve, upgrade or change in order to get my first ever order 😿

Kindly read this thread - Except Point 5 as Buyer Requests are no more!


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I don't know why you have combined your logo gig with facebook ads. That doesn't make sense to me. They are two separate things.

I suggest you operate in the categories where you have skills. That is how to be successful.

I read your description, and it doesn't make you sound like someone that knows what they are doing. Buyers want to hire people that are a professional at what they sell. 'I am new here, trying to gain knowledge and learning new things, and gathering experiences. I hope I will be good at this very soon. I hope this website will lead me towards my goals and give me chances for a better future.' - This doesn't build trust.

Anyway, I think researching is the best place to start. I suggest you start here, it's a collection of great posts by other sellers that have been successful on Fiverr:


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