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Fiverr will be down


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2 hours ago, kbkhan said:

Fivrr will be down on 26 march what happen? 

The team hand-cranking the servers and keeping the community boiler lit are tired after being on duty for 13 years without a break. They have finally been granted 5 hours to get a massage and a Iced, half-caff, Ristretto, Venti, 4 pumps, sugar-free, cinnamon, Dolce soy skinny latte. 

Or, it's just planned maintenance like @donnovan86 said, but I like my version better. 

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23 March I had 0 impressionsimage.thumb.png.5633ccee7b647f877d4ee6dd0a9b52b6.png
24 March 659
26 March again 0
Is it bag in dashboard or a problem in my logos? I can't remember another days with 0 impressions, everyday I had some - even when I had less than 30 logos uploaded. That is why I hardly believe that no one sees them because they are bad.

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54 minutes ago, kbkhan said:
18 hours ago, tia_nova said:

I had the same thing on March 26. I was so scared...😄


I am also...😊

Scared of what exactly?  Fiverr were doing planned maintenance. 

I checked the national enquirer this morning and there were no reports of Aliens or Elvis hacking into the Fiverr server.  So I think we're all good. 

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