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Blocked unpleasant customer, Fiverr support doesn't seem to care and is asking me to unblock them?



Hello, I would love some advice or thoughts on the situation I am in.

I completed 2 orders for a customer of which they were extremely satisfied, their 3rd order consisted of 3 different large blog posts - one of these posts they were unhappy with a paragraph in it and instead of allowing me to make changes tried to demand a refund (showing zero respect or understanding of the time and effort I had put into it).

I fixed the part they were unhappy with.

They then tried to claim plagiarism because I used dates and discussed details of the very specific website they requested I made a blog review on.. I explained that it was not plagiarism.

I also have the Gig addon if customers want revisions, however they did not purchase this addon.

In the end I made 2 extra revisions for free until the customer was happy and accepted the order.

I then blocked them as I have no interest working with them or communicating with them again.

Now 6 DAYS AFTER THE ORDER WAS ACCEPTED I've received an email from Fiverr asking if I wouldn't mind unblocking them - I explained the situation in detail and they essentially responded dismissing my concerns and now it seems more of a pushy request than asking me. As apparently the customer has now found further issues with the order.


"Thank you for clarification. 
While I understand that your communication with the buyer was unpleasant, at this time we would kindly ask of you to get back to them once again, or at least open contact, so that they are able to consult with you further in regards to the work."


How is this fair or make any sense? They accepted the order on the 15th of March, DID NOT order any revisions, yet I have already done multiple revisions for them - and now 6 days later I am expected to open contact and fix any new issues that they have come up with?


I would be so grateful of advice in this situation, the buyer has a Fiverr tag showing that they are some kind of loyal customer to Fiverr or something so I assume they are going to throw me under the bus for his sake, surely I have the right to not unblock them? I have completed the order and feel compelled to not interact with this unpleasant customer any further.



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As an update - I spoke further to community support and they have now made clear the 3rd document is corrupted and the buyer can't access it. Making it understandable that they wish for me to resolve this, whereas the initial email said they had issues with the work itself. Thank you to Andrej for the clear and concise communication this will now be resolved!

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Glad it worked out in the end! Business is business, and the support team probably just wanted to save you from a cancellation on this one.  I've had cases where I had to open lines of communication with blocked buyers before. To avoid getting orders from them while keeping the line open to see what's up, I've set myself as unavailable first, and then unblocked them. That way, they can explain the issue without me running the risk of having to work with them again. 

That being said, I fully support your right to refuse, but if you had done so (even without the support agents efforts to explain it to you), you could run the risk of support refunding the client and cancelling the order. If that's a risk you're willing to take to not communicate with a previous buyer, then by all means, it's up to you. 

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