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please review my gig For your satisfaction

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@osint_specialis Your gig thumbnails need a lot of work. They will not catch the eye of prospective buyers because they have too many words. Buyers like to quickly skim the search pages and will not take the time to read all of the information you have on your gig images. Pick out the 4 to 5 most important words and put only those on your gig images. For example, look at the gig images of these two TRS sellers. 


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On 3/21/2023 at 12:54 PM, osint_specialis said:

Order now for fast delivery & satisfaction 

First of all, try to follow the TS and CS of Fiverr. Keep patience and just try to do social media marketing daily and also try to GIG optimize with better images. It will help you get new orders. Best wishes to you. 😊

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