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Account Hacked & Disabled



Hey Guys hope you'll are fine.

Two days ago, I received an email that your "apple id" is now linked with your fiverr account. I immediately tried to access my apple account but my password as well as verification number was changed. I then opened the fiverr customer support and what I saw is a message to customer support about changing of my security question and also the person hacked my account wanted to change the email.

I then messaged fiverr that my account is compromised and I don't want anything to change. They were very nice and helped me in this state. They unlinked the apple id and told me that my account is secured now. I was really happy but I wanted to change my linked email that way the person hacked the account before using my apple id(which is also on the same email) cannot link the id again and hack my account. But the problem I was facing was 24 limit. I thought that well okay I'll wait since only few hours were remaining. But then I received two emails, First was, Your account is now linked with your apple Id (Again hacked). Second was, your account is disabled by fiverr for violating TOS and is under review.

Okay now it is getting serious because I'm a level 2 seller with over 94 orders completed and also I've funds in the clearance which I need badly. 

I immediately contacted the support again, but the reply I got was heart wrenching, that your account is under review and we can't do anything.

Okay guys, please listen, I really needed the account but the most I need is the money of my work which is in the clearance and I know you guys will say that I can withdraw the funds even my account is under review that's correct. But the thing is my account is hacked and that person linked his own payouts. I tried unlinking but nothing works.

I really need help. I just want fiverr to do what they did before and unlink all the things and also the 24limit, I'll verify myself with the security question and also the linked email and wanted to the email so that the account get's secured again and then I can link my payout again and withdraw the funds. I know fiverr review takes time, I can wait but I can't allow someone to get my funds. Please Please help me.

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